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Posted by admin April 9th, 2020

Every arborist on our team in Burlington, ON has received specialized training and education on the management, study, and cultivation of both trees and plants.

Arborist doing tree removalThe trees that line your front or backyard greatly enhance the aesthetics of your property. Not only this, but if you planted them yourself, they were likely a significant investment. For these reasons, it’s essential that your trees receive the best care possible, whether they simply need to be pruned or there is a disease affecting their vitality.

At Hudson Tree Services, we can send a certified arborist to your home in Burlington, Ontario to help you care for the trees on your property. Every arborist on our team has received specialized training and education on the management, study, and cultivation of both trees and plants. This means that our arborists are well-versed on many of the issues affecting trees in Ontario, and they also know how to preserve their health and beauty long-term.

After one of our arborists arrives at your home, they will diagnose and solve any problems affecting your trees. They will also make recommendations regarding what you can do to improve the safety of your property by taking better care of your trees. In addition to providing you with great service, one of our primary goals is to help you keep the trees on your property looking great throughout the year.

We can help keep your property safe and keep your landscape looking its best.

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“Thanks Dion and his team - high quality, professional and affordable price! They helped us get our backyard back - cutting all the unwanted trees. Will get them back in Spring to plant new trees.”

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The next time you think about hiring an arborist, reach out to us at Hudson Tree Services. As experienced tree care professionals, we look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with any of your property’s tree-related needs.

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