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We will perform your private tree removal safely, efficiently, and in accordance with local regulations.

Do you have a tree that is in poor condition? Are you worried that your tree is posing a risk to people or structures nearby? Perhaps you have a tree that is impeding construction plans. No matter the reason, if you need help with private tree removal in the Burlington, Ontario area, you’ll receive the best care from us at Hudson Tree Services.

Private Tree Removal in Burlington, Ontario

Our company has a deep and abiding love for trees and we’re passionate about providing them with the best care possible. The only thing we’re committed to more than trees is our customers and their satisfaction. As much as we love trees, we understand that there are times when tree removal is necessary, so we want to be involved to make sure it is done safely. We will make sure your private tree removal is done with great care and attention to detail from beginning to end, including the stump removal and cleanup.

Tree Removal should be done by a professional for several reasons. One is that it can be a very risky process and without an abundance of experience and careful training, dangerous and costly mistakes can be made. Secondly, to do the job efficiently, specialized equipment and training is required. Finally, in many areas there are local rules and regulations about private tree removal. Our professionals can make sure those regulations are followed and any needed permits are obtained.

If you have an unhealthy tree and aren’t sure whether or not your tree needs to be removed, we can help you know if the tree can be restored and then come up with a care plan, or if removal is needed, we can help you plant a new tree in its place.

For the best in private tree removal, reach out to us today.

Private Tree Removal


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