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Tree Services, Toronto, ON

Some people are eager to save a buck and want to do their own tree services, but we urge you to consider us for your tree needs in Toronto.

Tree Services
Landscaping adds a lot of value to your property. It provides curb appeal that makes your home look better to those passing by, as well as creates an enticing and inviting space for you and your loved ones to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Trees are an important part of any landscape, adding shade and beauty to the space. In order to maintain your trees, it’s important to know what each tree needs to thrive. The average property owner probably doesn’t even know the name of every tree type planted in the yard, let alone what they need to stay healthy.

If you need tree services, Hudson Tree Services is the company for you. We specialize in pruning and tree removal but are more than capable of doing any other tree-related work, as well, including arborist reports, deep root fertilization, tree stump grinding, and tree planting.

Some people are eager to save a buck and want to do their own tree services, but we urge you to consider us for your tree needs. Pruning and tree removal are dangerous work and often require specific equipment, training, and permits to do the task correctly. Even a small mistake could cause significant damage to your trees and other parts of your landscaping. Trees require different treatments to thrive, so coming up with a plan for tree services isn’t one size fits all. An arborist understands the unique needs of each type of tree and can make sure that everything planted on your property is treated properly and effectively. Pruning can also cause damage to a tree if it’s done in the wrong season or too many of the branches are removed.

Our certified arborist here at Hudson Tree Services will be able to communicate with you about the needs of your tree. If your tree is sick with disease or infested with bugs, our arborist will be able to help you decide the best treatment plan, whether that means pruning or the tree just needs to be removed altogether. If you want your tree removed due to damage or any other reason, you will need to have an arborist report, and here at Hudson Tree Services, we can provide that for you along with the tree removal services.

In addition to our tree services, we also provide firewood and mulch delivery services. When you need firewood to build a roaring fire in your fireplace or outdoor pit, cutting down trees or carrying heavy loads to your yard can be challenging. We’ll deliver the wood you need to your property, making it more convenient to build a fire. We also offer delivery of high-quality mulch, which can help your landscaping thrive.

At Hudson Tree Services, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Our smaller business ensures that your requests and needs don’t fall through the cracks. You know you will get what you are asking for when you work with us for tree services. We have been serving the Toronto, Ontario area for several years now with positive reviews from our many customers. We are looking forward to working with you for all your tree service needs.













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