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If you have a dying or dead tree on your property, you may need the services of the tree removal team at Hudson Tree Services.

Man at a top of a treeWe know that diseased or dead trees not only look awful, but they additionally pose a safety hazard. When you call, we’ll respond quickly and arrive with a crew of professionals who will evaluate your particular situation and promptly remove the tree if necessary.

Though we hesitate to remove living trees, our arborists also realize that removing a diseased tree is sometimes the only solution to preventing the spread of infection to other trees. When you call for our services, you can rely on us to:

  • Provide a thorough examination of the affected tree or trees
  • Perform complete removal plus stump where required
  • Ensure that we clean all traces of our services before leaving

Our 15 years of arbor experience means that you can trust the tree removal team at Hudson Tree Services to perform the job right. You don’t have to deal with the unpleasant appearance of your yard when we’re available to help. Visit with one of our arborists, tell us about your tree problem, and we’ll find a solution today.

Hudson Tree Services offers reliable Tree Removal Services in Toronto, OakvilleBurlington, East YorkEtobicoke, and Hamilton, ON!

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Sometimes tree removal is covered by your insurance, but sometimes it isn’t.

Will homeowner's insurance pay for tree removal?

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