Tree Restoration, Toronto, ON

Our certified arborist is able to come to your home in Toronto, ON to diagnose tree damage and suggest solutions for tree restoration pruning.

Tree RestorationHave you recently had a huge storm and your trees have sustained significant damage? Or maybe you can’t remember the last time your trees were pruned and now you are concerned about the overall health of the trees in your yard. Whether it is a large storm or years of neglect, both situations are excellent candidates for tree restoration services.

Our certified arborist at Hudson Tree Services is able to come to your home to diagnose tree damage and suggest solutions for tree restoration pruning. Common problems with damaged trees include broken branches, broken trunks, damage to the canopy, and tree stems pulled apart from the trunk. Most of this damage can be repaired with tree restoration pruning.

Tree restoration begins with selectively cutting limbs that are too close together and removing damaged branches. Once tree restoration pruning is complete, new tree foliage will be promoted and the tree will continue to improve from year to year until the tree is fully restored.

It is essential that a certified tree professional from our team at Hudson Tree Services diagnoses the damage to your trees. In the event that damaged trees cannot be repaired, we will help with the tree removal process and can answer any questions you may have about restoring your yard to its natural beauty again.

If you are in the Toronto, ON area and believe that tree restoration services would be right for you, contact us today for a free consultation. We look forward to answering your questions and working with you for all your tree and shrub needs.

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