Tree Diseases, Etobicoke, ON

We can quickly diagnose tree diseases in Etobicoke, ON and make a plan to save the tree, if possible, or remove it to limit spread of the disease.

Tree Diseases, Etobicoke, ONThere are more than 20 different types of common tree diseases that can affect trees in Canada and the United States. When a tree on your property in Etobicoke, ON gets a disease, it can be frustrating to try to remove the tree before the disease spreads. It can also be an expensive process to remove and replace the afflicted tree.

You can keep an eye on your landscaping to watch for signs of tree diseases. Root rot is a common ailment that attacks trees, shrubs, and vines. Other tree diseases can cause the bark of the trees to rot and develop decay on the trunks.

When a tree has any kind of disease, it becomes more susceptible to other issues, such as insect attacks or growth of damaging fungus. If you notice any signs of tree diseases, the best option is to give us a call and schedule a consultation. At Hudson Tree Services, we offer treatment and removal of trees that have diseases. Our owner is an experienced arborist who can quickly diagnose tree diseases and make a plan to save the tree, if possible, or remove it to limit spread of the disease.

We also place a great emphasis on customer service and communication with each of our clients. Our owner will give you personal attention and answer any questions you may have prior to starting the process. In addition to treatment of tree diseases, we also offer a variety of other services in and around Etobicoke to keep your landscaping healthy, including tree planting, stump grinding, pruning, and more.


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