Tree Damage Removal, Markham, ON

If you have trees that have been damaged, let us help you with tree damage removal in the Markham area.

Tree Damage Removal in Markham, Ontario
It is not a secret that storms can cause significant damage to trees.  If you have trees that have been damaged in a storm, we suggest leaving the tree damage removal to our experts. When storms come through, they not only blow leaves and branches all over your property, but they can also break tree limbs and branches that stay in the tree.  These are known as widowmakers.  They are very dangerous because when people climb into the tree to prune the branches, they often get injured on these fallen branches because they thought they were stable.  At Hudson Tree Services, our tree damage removal experts are trained to see all the damage trees can cause and know the safest way to remove the damaged branches.

Our tree damage removal includes a variety of different services that cover all aspects of cleaning up your property and get it looking wonderful again.  Our services include:

  • Thorough inspections of all affected trees.  We will not remove a tree that can be saved.
  • Complete removal of the tree.  This includes the trunk, limbs, and branches.
  • Removal of the stump.  We will even haul the stump away for you.
  • Cleanup of all tree materials and debris for your entire property.  We will not leave anything behind for you to deal with.
  • If any trees are completely removed, our arborists can help you pick out a brand new tree for your property.  We will even plant it for you.

At Hudson Tree Services, we have been taking care of tree damage removal in the Markham area since 2012.  We are dedicated to helping you clean up all the destructive storms can cause on your property. We are committed to helping your trees stay healthy and beautiful.  If you live in the Markham area and have trees affected by storm damage, don’t put yourself at risk of injury by trying to tackle the job by yourself.  Call us at Hudson Tree Service today, and we will take care of it for you.

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