Storm Damage Tree Care, Markham, ON

We provide expert storm damage tree care in the Markham area.

Storm Damage Tree Care
Storms can cause devastating damage to your trees.  Many people do not know that if damaged trees go uncared for, they can be a potential hazard. If you live in the Markham, Ontario area, we can help you with storm damage tree care.  At Hudson Tree Services we are certified arborists and are dedicated to saving trees that have been damaged by storms.

At Hudson Tree Service we are very experienced at storm damage tree care.  Our certified arborists are trained to do everything they can to save your trees and help them stay healthy and beautiful.  We have three common types of damage we typically deal with:

  • Damage to the roots.  Root wounds can weaken the tree and cause problems with the foundation.  It is important to get root wounds taken care of so the tree does not become weak and in danger of falling.  A fallen tree can greatly damage your home or other property.  It also poses a danger to you and your family.
  • Damage to the tree branches. Broken branches can usually be fixed with a little bit of pruning.  It is important that all broken branches are removed from the tree so they do not pose a safety threat to anyone.
  • Damage to the trunk of the tree.  Just like root wounds, trunk wounds can cause the tree to become weak.  Most severe trunk wounds usually result in the tree needing to be removed due to safety concerns.

If you are in need of storm damage tree care and you are in the Markham area, call us at Hudson Tree Services today.  Our tree experts will assess the damage the storms have done to your trees and come up with the best plan to save them.  Let us take care of your trees!

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