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Repairing Storm-Damaged Trees, Markham, ON

If you need help repairing storm-damaged trees in the Markham area, we can help.

Repairing Storm-Damaged Trees in Markham, Ontario
When a storm hits and your trees are damaged, you may think that the tree is ruined and needs to be cut down.  Well, there is good news!  Our team at Hudson Tree Services can save some storm damaged trees.  Repairing storm-damaged trees can seem very overwhelming, so you should leave it up to us. Our expert arborists know exactly what to look for to determine if your tree is salvageable. We have extensive experience in the Markham, Ontario area repairing storm-damaged trees.

At Hudson Tree Services, we know how devastating storms can be to trees and how sad it is to lose big, beautiful trees on your property. We will come to your property and thoroughly inspect each affected tree to determine what needs to be done to save the tree.

If a tree just has branch wounds, most of the time, it can usually be saved.  Branch wounds include broken, cracked, and jagged branches. We will remove all broken branches and trim and prune the entire tree.   This will make the tree beautiful and healthy again.

If the tree has a serious trunk wound, it will most likely need to be removed for safety purposes. Trees with trunk wounds are unstable and could cause the tree to fall without warning.  We will make sure we only remove a tree that is absolutely necessary to remove.

If you are in the Markham area and need help repairing storm-damaged trees, call us at Hudson Tree Services today.  We will do everything we can to repair your trees.  You will be in good hands with us.

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