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Tree Storm Damage Cleanup & Removal, Markham, ON

The next time a severe storm strikes the Markham area, remember our thorough and affordable tree storm damage cleanup & removal services.

Tree Storm Damage Cleanup & Removal in Markham, Ontario
There is no doubt that we can get some pretty horrific storms here in the Markham, Ontario area, and they can leave quite a mess behind. Your yard could be strewn with tree branches, not only from your trees but perhaps from neighboring properties, as well. In fact, you could even have a tree or two that have not survived the onslaught. Here at Hudson Tree Services, we’re here help! Our tree storm damage cleanup & removal services will restore your property and take care of any trees that need attention after the storm.

You can also minimize the need for tree storm damage cleanup & removal by contacting us before an impending storm or in advance of the rougher seasons, so we can take preventative measures. For example, our deep root fertilization can strengthen your trees and their roots, making them less likely to topple in severe weather. Our tree pruning will remove diseased or dead branches as these are the ones that most commonly end up scattered around by a storm. This also helps keep your trees from being more damaged by the storm and it helps safeguard your home, as well. A large dead branch falling on your home can inflict quite a bit of damage.

Our tree storm damage cleanup & removal services are very thorough. We take the time to make sure your property looks as though a storm never occurred. We haul the debris away, so you won’t have to see it at the curb waiting for pick-up. If you have any questions about any of our tree services or need a free estimate on tree removal services for one that can’t be salvaged, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our certified arborist has over 15 years of experience and is dedicated to providing you high-quality work and reliable service.




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