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Tree Restoration, Markham, ON

Don’t give up hope on that sad-looking tree on your Markham property. Our tree restoration service may be able to save it.

Tree Restoration in Markham, OntarioNobody likes to see a tree become so unhealthy that it has to be removed, especially if it should have many more years or even decades of life. While trees do have a typical life span depending on the species, there are many times that our certified arborist at Hudson Tree Services can save one that isn’t at the end of its life but is in danger of dying. Our tree restoration techniques are quite effective for breathing life into a tree that is struggling.

We offer a number of tree care services that can help your ill tree, including deep root fertilization, tree pruning, and dealing with various tree diseases. A sick tree is like a sick person. There are many ways to try to restore health first, instead of immediately taking drastic action. If you have a tree that you think is beyond hope, we welcome your call. We’ll assess the tree for you and give you an honest and reliable recommendation regarding the chance of success of tree restoration efforts. If it is not possible, we will quote you for removing the tree and the stump.

We also do what tree restoration can be done on a tree that has been damaged in a storm. It is possible that the effects of the storm can make a tree unable to be saved, but it might surprise you how resilient a tree can actually be. Sometimes it just needs a bit of help, so it can get on with the business of healing. If you have a tree on your Markham, Ontario property that isn’t looking its best, give us a call, and we’ll provide you with our recommendation and a quote.

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