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Arborist Report, Markham, ON

Call on us when you need an arborist report for a tree you want to remove on your Markham property.

Arborist Report in Markham, OntarioIn order to remove certain calibres of trees on a GTA property, it is necessary to get a permit. With that permit you need an arborist report that outlines why the removal is needed. Each city in the area has its own tree removal application, and here at Hudson Tree Services, we have the expertise to follow the regulations in place, so your tree removal can proceed properly.

An arborist report covers a number of things about your tree, including the condition of the tree, any diseases or pests involved, damage to the tree, and other information that is required to obtain the permit. We are also on hand to answer your questions about an arborist report and how it pertains to your Markham, Ontario property.

An arborist report is completed by a certified arborist who comes to your home to inspect your tree and provide any advice you may need. This includes telling you if the tree could be salvaged, if that is something you would prefer to do. If you have been told your tree is beyond saving, let us take a look and give you a second opinion. We are passionate about saving trees whenever possible and have the training and expertise to do so.

If you have any questions about how the tree removal permit process works, what is included in an arborist report, or need information about any of our tree services, give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide you with reliable tree services and honest assessments about the health of your trees.

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