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Tree Planting, Markham, ON

If tree planting procedures boggle your mind, have no fear! Call us to plant trees at your Markham property for a greater probability of success.

Tree Planting in Markham, OntarioIsn’t it amazing how much wonderful advice there is on the internet these days? You can learn just about anything you need to know by watching some videos or reading articles. When it comes to tree planting, however, there are so many different takes on it that it can boggle the mind how to proceed. Does your tree need a 2’ x 2’ x 2’ hole? Do you need to do a drainage test first? Does it need full sun, partial sun, or shade? Should you stake it? How should you stake it? What kind of fertilizer and how much? Should you go with a native tree or something else?

If the answers out there were consistent, you could probably muddle through, but sadly they aren’t. It is enough to make you give up on the idea of having a tree at all. Don’t despair, however, because you’ll find we have the answers here at Hudson Tree Services, and we offer professional tree planting that will provide the best solutions to all your concerns. A certified arborist has the background and expertise to provide you with tree planting that works for your situation.

Our services also go beyond tree planting to taking care of your tree using a convenient schedule. You’ll find our maintenance rates are very reasonable and will give your tree the best chance at ideal growth and health. Trees can be a huge investment, both in the cash outlay for them and the time you will be waiting for them to mature. You may not get a second chance to have a huge, mature, “swing and climbing capable” tree, so use our tree planting and maintenance services for a higher probability of success.

Hudson Tree Services offers reliable Tree Planting Services in North York, Toronto, Etobicoke, Burlington, Markham, Mississauga, and Hamilton, ON!