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Tree Care, Markham, ON

Tree care on your Markham property is more important than you might think.

Tree Care in Markham, Ontario

One of the best ways to end up with an unhealthy tree is to neglect it. You may want healthy trees, but most homeowners in the Markham, Ontario area do not fully understand how to do tree care. Additionally, you may lack the time and the equipment needed to do a proper job. That is where an arborist here at Hudson Tree Services can help. We can provide all the tree care you need to keep your trees healthy and looking their best.

Having healthy trees is more important than you might think. First of all, it takes many years, sometimes a lifetime, for a tree to mature. Starting over is not something you want to do if you’ve had to take down a tree because of disease or a lifespan shortened inadvertently. Secondly, if you were not to realize that your tree was being weakened by disease, it could suffer serious storm damage and end up causing damage to your home or other property.

With our tree care services, we inspect your tree for disease, treat any problems we observe, perform pruning for optimal health and to avoid storm damage, and do deep root fertilization so it has all the nutrients it needs to be big and strong. If we determine that your tree is beyond our tree restoration abilities, we will let you know it should probably be removed. We handle that process completely, including producing the arborist report if needed for the permit process.

Your trees can provide beauty and shade for your entire lifetime, provided tree care is ongoing. Let us help, so you have peace of mind that you have done everything in your power to preserve them and keep your home, vehicles, and family safe.

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