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Shrub Planting, Markham, ON

To give your Markham property the best chance of success with shrubbery, call us for shrub planting services.

Shrub Planting in Markham, Ontario
Like in real estate, shrubs are all about location, location, location! While many hearty varieties of plants can grow in various conditions, many more need specific soil, sun, and location situations in order to thrive. Here at Hudson Tree Services, we want to help ensure that your shrub planting goes off without a hitch this season. We do this through many different methods, including:

  • Soil testing. Do you know what type of soil you have? Soil composition can vary greatly even from one neighbourhood to the next, so it’s important to understand what your soil is made from, as that will determine the best type of shrubs for your property.
  • Design. We want your plants to not only be compatible, but to look good, as well. We can help you find the optimal placement for shrub planting on your Markham, Ontario property.
  • Experience and knowledge of plant life. We have seen many customers who plant for what looks good at the gardening store rather than planting for the future. We can help you choose the right type of shrubs for your soil as well as your lifestyle. Choosing a shrub that grows quicker than you have time to maintain is a common mistake, and one that we can help prevent.
  • Completing the heavy lifting. One of the best parts about hiring our team at Hudson Tree Services for your shrub planting needs is that we will take care of the digging, the placing of the shrubs, the soil, and fertilizing your shrubs! You will not need to worry about spending your day off hauling heavy plants and digging in the dirt– we take care of it all!

For the best in shrub planting and a large variety of other tree and garden services, call us at Hudson Tree Services today!

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