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Tree Removal, East York, ON

Stumped about how to get rid of that tree?

Tree Removal, East York, Ontario

For us at Hudson Tree Services, making that call for tree removal is always tough. But if you have a dying or dead tree on your property, it’s important to consider tree removal for the safety of your property and the surrounding trees. We realize the risk that a diseased tree has on the health of surrounding trees, and we provide a thorough examination of the affected and surrounding trees to identify and mitigate potential spread.

We know nothing looks worse than a gnarly tree stump on your property. Maybe you’ve even been putting off getting tree removal because of the thought of that unsightly stump! But you don’t have to get stumped!  We offer stump grinding with our tree removal services to grind away your tree stump and remove all traces that a tree was ever there! When we leave your property, there will be no trace of the tree – or us – ever being there!

Or, if you’re interested in replacing your tree, we can make sure to plant a new one in its place. We offer professional and safe tree planting services and inspect the soil and your new trees before and after planting to ensure the new tree flourishes.

If you’re in need of emergency tree removal and planting services because of extreme weather conditions that have knocked down or broken the trees on your property, know that we also provide tree storm damage cleanup and removal services. We’ll always do our best to save your tree if possible; our first priority is the safety of your trees and your property.

If you’re interested in learning more about our tree removal services for your East York home, call us today for an estimate.

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