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Tree Care Tips, North York, ON

Our tree care tips in North York, ON can help ensure the life of your investment.

Tree Care Tips, North York, ONTrees are not only beautiful, but functional, too. They offer us beautiful foliage in the autumn and shady refuge during the warmer months. Depending on the tree, they can complement a building or reflect your own personal style. When you invest in planting trees or shrubs on your property, tree care tips should be followed to ensure the enjoyment of your trees for generations to come.

Here at Hudson Tree Services, we believe that preventative care is the best investment. Having a seasonal tree service is a great way to avoid future calamity that can be not only costly, but dangerous.

To ensure the life of your investment, here are some helpful tree care tips:

1. Ready Your Trees for Winter Weather: If you have branches that are hanging over walkways, homes, or parking surfaces, make sure they are professionally trimmed, pruned or braced. The weight of snow/ice from a winter storm can cause breakage, leading to costly damages.

2. Prune Seasonally: Hire us to professionally prune your trees and shrubs. Not only is safety #1 with our certified and insured company, but improper pruning can lead to lifelong damage to your trees and shrubs.

3. Water, Water, Water: Trees need water just the same as any other plant. The amount of water that a tree requires is dependent upon the species and location of the tree. Consulting a professional arborist is a great way to ensure that your trees are getting the hydration they need to stay happy and healthy.

4. Fertilizing: Ensure that your tree gets the nutrients it needs in order to grow healthy and strong. Consult an arborist to find out what kind of fertilizer is best for your specific needs.

5. Hire a Professional: Small jobs may be manageable by a property owner, but the larger jobs should be completed by a certified professional. Not only do we carry the proper insurance, but we have specific knowledge and training when it comes to your trees and shrubs.

When it comes to tree care tips, a certified arborist knows best. At Hudson Tree Services, we are proud to serve the North York, ON region with all of its professional arborist needs. If you have questions regarding the care and maintenance of your trees, call us at Hudson Tree Services today.




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