Tree Diseases, Markham, ON

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Tree Diseases in Markham, OntarioThere are a number of tree diseases that can affect the trees on your Markham, Ontario property. It’s hard to diagnose a disease on a tree, but our skilled arborists at Hudson Tree Services can help determine what is affecting your trees, as well as come up with a plan to improve their health. One of the most common tree diseases is anthracnose, which impacts a wide range of trees and plants. You might notice canker-like sores on the branches or trunk, but this disease can manifest in other ways, as well. Light brown spots of dead tissue typically appear on the trunk first, usually during the springtime when the weather is cool and humid.

Another common tree disease is root rot, which can destroy the roots and kill the tree from the bottom up. You might notice that fruit-bearing or flowering trees don’t produce much, especially on the lower branches. Root rot can cause a slow death of a tree. Our arborists at Hudson Tree Services can determine whether root rot is impacting the trees on your property.

Our company started in 2012 to provide better services to property owners throughout the Markham area. Something that sets us apart is the fact that our owner handles the work, ensuring better quality control and proper care for trees and other plants. We focus on our customers in every aspect of the jobs we take on, offering more personal attention and better communication from start to finish. Contact us at Hudson Tree Services to learn more about tree diseases and how to combat them.

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