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Tree Care Tips, Markham, ON

With a few tree care tips, you can take better care of the trees on your property in Markham.

Tree Care Tips in Markham, OntarioThe landscaping at your home or office building in Markham, Ontario can transform the appearance and curb appeal of the property. But caring for landscaping and keeping up with maintenance can quickly become a full-time job. When you’re already trying to juggle work, errands, home maintenance, caring for your family, and other necessary tasks, yard care can often take a backseat. Without proper care, trees, grass, and shrubs can struggle to thrive, resulting in brown patches or dead branches that don’t look very good. A dead tree can also become a problem on your property, since it could fall over and cause serious damage.

With a few tree care tips, you can take better care of the trees on your property. If you’re looking at planting new trees on your property, it’s important to choose the right types of trees and plant them in areas of the outdoor space where they’ll get plenty of water and sunlight. Another one of our helpful tree care tips is to place mulch around the base of the tree, which serves as an insulation layer to buffer the roots from both hot and cold temperatures. Mulch can also keep weeds away from the tree and retain water to prevent root dryness.

Additional tree care tips are available from our skilled arborists at Hudson Tree Services. Give us a call to speak to an arborist about proper tree care or schedule a consultation about the landscaping on your property.


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