Fall Promotion - Deep Root Fertilizing

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Deep Root FertilizationAt Hudson Tree Services, we provide services to keep your trees and shrubs healthy all year long. One thing that can benefit your landscape all year long is proper tree care before the weather turns cold.

With our fall promotion, we’ll take 10% off deep root fertilization when you book pruning and tree removal services!*

Why Choose Deep Root Fertilization?

  • Proper tree care extends into the fall so that your trees and shrubs are protected.
  • In combination with pruning and tree removal, your landscape will remain healthy and safe as winter arrives.
  • Routine cleanup of your landscape, including tree care, is a great way to maintain your landscape over time.

At Hudson Tree Services, we know that your landscape is important to you. Take time now to book your appointment early for fall tree pruning and removal, and we’ll take 10% off deep root fertilization!* Use our contact form to get started!

*Discount applies one time only.

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