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Hire an Arborist, East York, ON

When you know it’s time to hire an arborist, give us a call.

Hire an Arborist in East York, Ontario

Do you really know what it takes to ensure your trees are healthy and thriving for years to come? It may be time to hire an arborist.

An arborist, or “tree surgeon,” is an expert in tree care who has the expertise to be able to examine your property’s trees and determine if your trees are receiving adequate nutrition, sunlight, water or drainage, or need pruning.

You may not realize that your tree needs proper attention and care, like any living thing. If your tree’s branches are breaking, or if it’s growing lopsided, it’s time to hire an arborist to come in and examine your tree to determine if pruning may be necessary for your tree’s health.

Are your tree’s leaves discoloured – or worse, are some branches not producing any leaves at all? An expert arborist can help determine if your tree is diseased or if some other environmental factors could be affecting the health of your tree.

If your tree is sick and left untreated, there is also the risk that it could spread to the surrounding trees. If you take your car to the mechanic when it’s in trouble, you should always think to hire an arborist for the health of your East York property’s trees.

At Hudson Tree Services, I run a thorough diagnostic analysis of your trees, your yard, and the surrounding trees. I do my best to ensure that I have done my due diligence and exhausted all possible options before recommending tree removal; I am committed to having the utmost respect for your trees.

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