Firewood/Mulch Delivery Services, Markham, ON

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Firewood/Mulch Delivery Services in Markham, Ontario
Bonfires and cooking over an open flame are fun activities that many people enjoy throughout the year. But finding the firewood to make those fires can pose a challenge. Certain types of wood don’t work well for building fires, especially when moisture seeps into the logs and produces a lot of smoke. You also need quite a bit of wood to build a large fire and keep it going long enough to cook food or roast marshmallows. Chopping down trees to get firewood also isn’t the best option, particularly for those who don’t do this very often.

If you have trees or other plants in your yard, you may be wondering how to improve their health and help them thrive. One of the best options for the health of trees is to apply a layer of mulch around the base. Mulch helps insulate the soil and protect the roots from extreme temperatures while locking in moisture to keep the roots hydrated. One of the biggest challenges that comes with landscaping and mulch application is actually getting the mulch to your property. You typically need to apply about three inches of mulch around each tree, so the amount of mulch needed can be hard to transport.

Here in the Markham, Ontario area, our team at Hudson Tree Services is here to make these tasks easier by offering firewood/mulch delivery services. Our firewood/mulch delivery services use trees that have been removed legally and safely by our skilled arborists. Call us to schedule firewood/mulch delivery services at your property.


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