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Stay in accordance with local tree policies with our commercial tree services.

In the interest of preserving and protecting the canopy cover in urban areas like Toronto, there have been many private and city tree protection bylaws put into place. At Hudson Tree Services, we are very familiar with the policies about what can and cannot be done, as well as the required steps involved before completing certain commercial tree services, including the application process. Many cities have regulations in place already to protect trees with over 30cm DBH (breast height), and others are expected to follow suit, so when you plan to remove a tree or you have a construction project where trees are present on the property, it is wise to consult us before you proceed.

Commercial Tree Services to Remove a Tree

The policies involved in Toronto need to be addressed. In addition, there is an application process when removing a tree over 30cm DBH that involves an arborist report, which includes:

  • Providing an inventory over 30cm DBH of all trees on that property.
  • Assessing the health of the tree (tree risk assessment). We are looking for the condition of the root system, presence of trunk decay or fractures, splits or defects in branches or dead branches. We also note if the tree has a lean, and if there is the potential for houses or pedestrians to be in harm’s way because of any of these conditions.
  • Replanting plan. We put in the report that the owner is required to replant a 50mm calibre native tree to replace the tree being proposed to be cut down.
  • A site plan is created to show on a map where the tree is located and where the replacement tree will be planted.

We Can Keep Your Trees Healthy and Looking Their Best

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Commercial Tree Services Can Really Help Your Property Look Its Best

commercial properties need to consider our commercial tree services

Does a great job for a reasonable price.


“Dion did an excellent job removing my tree and grinding out the stump. From the quote to doing the actual tree removal he was professional and courteous. He does a great job for a reasonable price. I have already used him again to prune a pine tree in the front yard. I would highly recommend his company. ”

★★★★★ Bruce C.

Wondering how tree services can help you? Call us today to learn more.

Commercial Tree Services for a Construction Site

If you are building a new home, adding on to a home, installing a pool or garage, or intend to dig for utility installation along city and private property lines, you should call on us to do an assessment and prepare an arborist report to submit with the construction-related application. The goal is to not endanger the life of a protected tree through the use of a tree protection zone (TPZ). In addition, you must avoid tree injury due to compaction, root cutting, or excessive pruning.

We place tree protection barriers around the trees and provide directions on how to mitigate injury to the tree, such as employing horizontal boarding to prevent compaction of roots and the use of air spading to explore where the roots are located.

In Conclusion

The important thing to know is that each community has its own tree laws and they need to be respected. Whether your project is in Toronto, MississaugaOakvilleVaughan, or elsewhere, turn to us for commercial tree services so you remain within policy with the appropriate tree protection and application documentation. Reach out today to learn more.

Commercial Tree Services in Burlington, ON


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