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Our Hudson Tree team provides 20 years of knowledge, training and experience to our customers, including our certified arborist and apprentices.

I began my life surrounded by forests from childhood, growing up in rural Nova Scotia, where forestry was a main industry. After high school, I attended forestry school at Sir Sandford Fleming College, where I never looked back from maintenance, sustainability and preservation of trees.

After 4 years of forest fire control, then moving to the GTA, urban forestry became my passion. We all loved climbing trees as younglings, but to hold that childhood passion as an adult is a dream come true. Being involved with larger corporations gave me the chance to work with all aspects of the industry, with municipal, utility, and mostly the private sector being my favourite. My single greatest learning experience was working through Hurricane Juan in Halifax in extreme conditions and feeling the great loss that the people of Halifax and surrounding areas endured with their trees.

I began the Hudson Tree Services journey in early spring 2012 and haven’t looked back. The private sector is where my heart lies. I believe that helping a customer and providing them with a professional, valuable, friendly service, and having them be completely satisfied is the only way to go. We love what we do, and we go through our day making sure safety and property value are first priorities. That being said, trees need the same respect, and that’s why we are here.

We have over 15 years of experience in tree care

Hudson Tree Services is a small residential company based out of Burlington, servicing from Toronto to Hamilton. Hudson Tree provides 20 years of knowledge, training and experience to our customers staffing certified arborist and apprentices. Our services to our customers comprise of tree and shrub pruning, removal, as well as stump grinding, planting of trees and shrubs, and deep root fertilization. We provide arborist reports for those trees requiring a permit for both non-construction as well as construction related developments. When you inquire through our website or phone, we provide a date and time to come out to your residence to provide a consultation and free estimate.

We pride ourselves on our safety, friendly, professional and quality services making sure our clients have a clean and safe property. It is our job and pleasure to ensure our clients continue to have safe and healthy trees for years to come.

Need a tree removed? Read this first.

Efficient, professional and courteous.

“With the actual removal of the tree, Dion and his team were efficient, professional and courteous. The team made sure that no damage was done to the property removing the tree and did an excellent job cleaning up after the tree was cut down. Dion's price was reasonable, and we certainly will use his company when needed again, as well recommend him to our friends and family. The team is doing it all just right. ”

★★★★★ Ted K.